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Who We Are

They say that the moment of truth for construction companies comes with age, passing the 20 years of age in this business is a landmark, also, a sign of maturity and solid existence, with a strong and rapidly growing presence in Sudan.

We employ more than 300 individuals and operate through two fully owned subsidiary companies: EGYPT German for construction and United group technology. Through UP-WORK for Construction: we specialize in large scale, highly complex projects such as regional stores, industrial plants, infrastructure hospitals and commercial spaces.

UP-WORK for Construction also owns a range of complementary business lines that include steel fabrication plants and a concrete products production plant.
We harness our vast internal resources of construction, engineering, procurement and property development expertise, bringing these to bear on every project we undertake.

Across our business, every day, customers are benefiting from our long experience and technical skills, our outstanding team of engineers and our strong, region-wide network of suppliers.


Leveraging our exceptional performance through our 25 years of existence, and the experience acquired in providing integrated, rightly priced, and value making service to highly styled construction and development verticals, having ranked already in the top 5 in Egypt, we aim to expand regionally & internationally to be listed in the top 500 worldwide by the end of year 2020.


With our human capital that we most cherish, we will being out there constructing a difference in our domestic and foreign markets, seeking high value and complex business most suitable for a contractor of choice for value engineering with synergy and style.
To be the region’s top safety, quality, time and cost performer.

Main Strategies

  • Create a Solid & Sound Project Management Culture
  • Teaming up with Regional Major Contractors
  • Develop an Estimation Best Practice
  • Position Engineering as our Value-Add Offer in the Market
  • Up Market orientation
  • Revenue & KPI based Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process Based Information Modeling


We have a long and excellent record of delivering to the highest standards of the industry. In fact, we consider our name to be our most precious ‘asset’.

The values that have driven our exceptional growth and reputation since 1936.


To ensure our present growth is sustainable, we will priorities our efforts to attract, develop and maintain the most qualified individuals in our markets; this ongoing investment in people, at all levels of our business, is the corner stone of our strategy for a sustainable future growth and development.


Ahmed Atef - CEO

The most senior corporate, executive, or administrative officer in charge of managing UPWORK Company.

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